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Mother's Day

Our top picks to pamper Mum this Mother's Day including our exclusive gi...

30 products

Just in! Shop the latest in curated bathroom accessories here.

39 products

A collection of pedal bins and waste baskets in a variety of colours and...

35 products
Cleaning + Brushes

Beautiful wipers, sweepers and brushes for the body, bath & home.

15 products
Candles + Candle Holders

Our collection of beautiful scented candles as well as designer candle h...

47 products

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes including wall mounted and freestanding.

23 products

Stools, side tables and other small furniture pieces for your bathroom o...

12 products
Soaps + more

A curated collection of bar soaps, hand lotions and incense from interna...

84 products
Soap Dishes

A collection of dishes and holders for your bars of soap and trinkets.

29 products
Soap Dispensers

Dispensers in all shapes and colours for your benchtop or basin.

38 products

A collection of ethically sourced and produced towels from Paris to Turkey.

76 products

Boxes to keep your bathrooms items in including tissue boxes and canisters.

31 products
Toilet Brushes

Freestanding toilet brushes in various finishes & sizes to suit any ...

26 products
Toilet Roll Holders

Whether you hang your paper over or under, it'll look great in our colle...

4 products
Towel Holders

A collection of hooks, rails & holders to accommodate your towels, r...

31 products

A wonderful way to display your bathroom soaps and dispensers, our trays...

28 products

Mugs, toothbrush cups, whatever you want to call them- a tumbler to hold...

36 products