Heritage Bath Brush- Ash Heritage Bath Brush- Ash Heritage Bath Brush- Ash Heritage Bath Brush- Ash Heritage Bath Brush- Ash Heritage Bath Brush- Ash

Heritage Bath Brush- Ash

Andrée Jardin



Inspired by the toilet kits of our beloved grandmothers, a reflection of a true French art of living, these brushes for the body will bring you all the care your skin needs. This brush can be used dry, during a massage before your shower or bath. Detoxifying for the body, skin softener, anti-cellulite, toning, massage to many benefits!
The natural bristles of the brush are ideal for cleaning your skin, the irregularity of the hairs allow to better recover your dead skin. With its long handle you will be able to reach all areas of your body more easily. In your shower or in your bath, this bath brush allows you an effective and invigorating cleaning of your back.
This brush is made up of 2 sides, a soft side for the more sensitive parts and a harder side to allow optimum exfoliation and good blood stimulation. The natural wood of its handle is nourished with beeswax.
We advise you at the end of its use to clean it again with a little soap and shake it well to remove the maximum water.

Designed & manufactured in: France

Material: White silk and heat-heated ash wood

Dimensions: 9cm x 3cm x 3cm



ANDRÉE JARDIN perpetuates French tradition of brush making with its VINTAGE and TRADITION collections. They develop modernity with young designers. ANDRÉE JARDIN continues to perpetuate the century-old tradition of brush making. The silk craft is based on a knowledge acquired over several generations where nothing replaces human handcraft, the only way to obtain the highest quality. The grandsons of ANDREE JARDIN, resurrected the mythic brushes mounted with French beech wood; old fashion brushes that last forever! They develop and bring modernity through their collaborations with young French designers.